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Rule 1d) Name Supporting Rule Violation
Names that support, incite, announce or imply a violation of the Tibia Rules.


Names that support or incite the violation of the Tibia Rules:
Of course, all names that support rule violations ("Friend of Insults", "Hackers Rox") or incite a violation of the Tibia Rules ("Spam Sponsor") are illegal in Tibia and might also lead to further punishments.

Names that announce or imply the violation of the Tibia Rules:
Names that clearly announce the breaking of a Tibia Rule ("Sellacc", "Harry Botter") will not only be namelocked, but might also receive a further punishment. The same applies to names which obviously fake an official position ("Admin on Antica", "Baetleye Premia", "God Durin").
A name will be considered to imply a rule violation simply by naming it ("Bothater", "Spammkiller").