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Rule 2g) Supporting Rule Violation
Statements that support, incite, announce or imply a violation of the Tibia Rules.


Statements that support or incite a violation of the Tibia Rules:
Please do not encourage others to violate a Tibia Rule, for example by telling someone "Hey, if you spam your offer several times in a row, it will be much easier to notice!". Refrain from putting other players into trouble and rather inform players who violate a rule about their mistake. Note that statements that incite a rule violation are illegal and will be punished, even if they were intended to be a sarcastic remark or a joke.
Also, do not publicly glorify rule breaks, for example by stating "Anyone who fishes without using a macro is plain dumb". This gives an extremely bad example to other players, and you will get banished for such statements since you obviously support rule violations.

Statements that announce or imply a violation of the Tibia Rules:
If you make a statement in which you announce that you are going to violate a Tibia Rule, you will most likely be punished for it. Also statements in which a player implies that he has violated a Tibia Rule, is going to violate a Tibia Rule or supports the violation of a Tibia Rule are illegal.

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